Bohemia Crystal

At the turn of the 16th and 17th century Bohemia became the centre of crystal glass production. The original crystal contained a high volume of sodium oxide as a smelter. This facilitated crystal production, but the resulting glass had a relatively low hardness. This hindered the use of cut decoration techniques on the glass products, although that was the main technique used in rock crystal processing.

Important technological discoveries during the crystal production era in Bohemia led to the formation of the ideal crystal glass, particularly suited to cutting and engraving. This glass, called Czech crystal, has been top of the range in the crystal glass industry for more than one century.


How to properly handle with Bohemia Crystal products

Do not lay glass products on abrasive surfaces. Do not store glass in dusty environment.
Protect glass against sudden temperature differences. Do not expose glass to oxidants,
corrosives or solvents. Clean glass with soft duster or under pure running water (you can
use tiny drop of some not aggressive detergent if necessary). Never put Bohemia Crystal
products into washing-up machine. Bohemia Crystal products should never touch to each other.
Crystal products are fragile. Broken glass is very sharp-edged and it can cause dangerous
injuries. Manipulate with the crystal products always with the highest caution.

If you will follow these simple rules, your crystal products will serve you for years.

Bohemia Crystal Classic Decor

In the category Bohemia Crystal Classic Decor you will find Bohemia crystal products with classic decors on it. Decors are hand cut by cuting masters. This products suit in every interior, even modern for their shining and purity. Drinking wine or any other drink from this glasses celebrate the pure beauty and taste from hand made and unique objects. This objects are ideal glassware for any occasion like wedding, birthday or any other important occasion for you.




How can we distinguish the original Bohemia products?


We have prepared few simple steps for you:


The weight of the products from Bohemia Crystal is much heavier than any other similar glass product due to lead contained in the product.

The sound of the product, when you tap on the product with your finger, it sounds like a beautiful tone of bells.

Labels say, from which country the products came from or was made in. The true Bohemia Crystal products are of course made and decorated in Bohemia - Czech Republic, which has long tradition in this production. Other countries produce crystal products too, like Italy, where is very famous Luxion (14% Pbo).

Bohemia crystal production requires the best available raw materials, and the best masters in cutting and in decoration techniques.
All these parts are reflected in the final price.

So if you are looking for the original Bohemia Crystal products, is the right place to buy such a products.
Our company is based in London, so we can offer Bohemia Crystal products to the customers from the whole world.
Storeroom and producers with whom we cooperate are located in Czech Republic.