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Money Back Guarantee

For your 100% satisfaction and security, I offer a “Money back guarantee“. I understand that, when buying online, you have not had the opportunity to inspect the Crystal Products first hand. I am confident that you will be delighted with your order, but I offer this money back guarantee in order to offer you further peace of mind.


Payment options

Fast and secure payment via PayPal in online shop. You can pay through your PayPal account or any credit or debit card, even if you do not have PayPal account. Pay with your debit or credit card as a Paypal guest in Bohemiacrystalshop.com!

Delivery cost

*Free delivery on orders over 500USD (after discounts) for EU customers by Economic Post Service only and under 25kg weight of package. This option you will receive via email, if you will meet the required amount for the order.

** Free shipping for US customers on orders over 1000USD (after discounts) by Economic Post Service and under 25kg weight of package. This option you will receive via email, if you will meet the required amount for the order.

Options for packages up to 25 kg of weight:

Mail service - UK 29,00
Mail service - Center America 119,00     
Mail service - North America (USA) 99,00     
Mail service - Europe 69,00   
Mail service - Russia 149,00  
Mail service - Asia 129,00     
Mail service - South America 159,00     
Mail service - Oceania 149,00     
Mail service - Africa 179,00

Fast Delivery

We will complete your orders as soon as possible. After receiving payment from you, we will start to grind or decorate crystal products for you. You will recieve your goods depend on your destination too. Usually you have, ordered and paid products on your adress in two weeks.

On the older Track and Trace record you can see, that to send the package for example in USA is very fast, faster than in some Europe destination :O)

Information about Delivery EM308182069CZ:

Item posted on 31.05.2013 at the Post Office 356 01 - Sokolov 1.
Item being transported to Office of Exchange.
Item dispatched by Post Office 220 00 - Praha 120 on 01.06.2013 to country of destination (United States of America).
Item was accepted on 02.06.2013 at the Office of Exchange in destination country (United States of America).
Item was on 04.06.2013 delivered by Post Office in the country of destination (United States of America).


Delivery Destination

WORLDWIDE DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE TO OVER 120 COUNTRIES by International EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE or by MAIl SERVICE. Our storeroom is based in heart of Bohemia crystal production, in Czech Republic. From here we send our goods to all over the world.


Well packed

I take care of every step in my business and to make sure that everything is well packed, is one of the most important things too. Products from crystal are fragile, so this step is very important, because during transportation is unfortunately rough handling on the daily basis.

It is my pleasure to inform you, that 99% of your orders in last two years were delivered in the best condition.

Customer Support

If you have any kind of questions or you need help with processing your order, please contact me by email:


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